Magnetic Bearing and High-Speed Permanent Magnet Motor Technology

Help Reduce HVAC Energy Consumption

To reduce HVAC chiller energy usage, oil disposal, and operating costs the industry turns to integrated permanent magnet motors and magnetic bearings from Synchrony®. By replacing oil bearings, gears, and low speed induction motors with high-speed motors on magnetic bearings, there is a dramatic improvement in the efficiency of the system. This includes the efficiency at full load as well as part load.

Synchrony supplies the NovaDrive™ family of high speed motors to OEM partners for compression of R134a in large chillers. Combined with Synchrony’s variable frequency drives (VFDs), Synchrony is a one-stop source for efficient, reliable, oil-less drive trains. This translates to better value for the end user and a greener environment. The reduction in electrical power lowers the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of your chiller, while its compatibility with R134a reduces the Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) to zero.

Find out more about the Synchrony magnetic bearings, direct drive systems and high-speed motors and generators used in HVAC applications for more efficient, greener operation.

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