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Putting Magnetic Bearing Solutions to Work.

In oil and gas, renewable energy, HVAC, aerospace and many other applications, Synchrony® magnetic bearing solutions provide reliable, high-speed operation in demanding environments - including military aircraft systems. Oil-free magnetic bearing systems reduce maintenance, increase machine reliability and uptime and cut operating costs.

Find out more about why magnetic bearings solutions could be the answer for your needs, and about how magnetic bearing technology has evolved, thanks largely to Synchrony innovation.

Aerospace & Defense

High-performance, high-speed magnetic bearing solutions for aerospace and defense applications are helping designers expand the performance envelope of aeronautic and other defense systems, where precision is vital and operating conditions challenging. Our high frequency drives are especially well suited to aviation turbines.

Oil & Gas

From oil and gas production and separation to transport and refining, lubrication-free bearings and high-speed drives support the energy industry, helping create highly efficient and reliable pumps, compressors and turbomachinery. Synchrony's magnetic bearing solutions offer high performance under the most demanding conditions.

Renewable & Recoverable Energy

Magnetic bearings and high-speed motors and generators are ideally suited for "green" renewable and recoverable energy applications because they reduce energy consumption and operate more cleanly and quietly.


To reduce energy consumption and eliminate potential oil contamination in chillers, HVAC profressionals are turning to Synchrony's lubrication-free direct-drive permanent magnet motor solutions. Our direct drive solutions offer tremendous advantages over conventional drives by doing more work with less electrical power.

Water & Wastewater

Magnetic bearing technology combined with variable speed, permanent magnet motor technology enable operating speeds up to 60,000 rpm. Energy savings are realized by reduced frictional losses, improved motor efficiency, and improved part-load efficiency of the compressor.

General Industry

Magnetic bearing solutions for industrial pumps, compressors, motors and blowers take many forms according to the specific application – but all offer the advantages of magnetic bearing systems: ease of use, less maintenance and greater efficiency. Synchrony products like Fusion® fully integrate the magnetic, mechanical and electrical components to create a compact, lightweight product compared to conventional bearing systems with lubrication systems and complex external controls and cabling.


Magnetic bearings, high-speed motors and generators, and other magnetic bearing solutions aren't just at work in commercial, industrial, aerospace and petrochemical applications. Their impressive capabilities are also being applied to newly-emerging technologies involving ultrahigh-speeds and molecular-scale operations.

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