Magnetic Bearings & Direct Drive Solutions For Oil & Gas


Reduced Process Downtime, Longer Machine Life, and Improved Efficiency

Magnetic bearing systems and high speed direct drive solutions from Synchrony® are at work at every stage of oil and gas production: pumps, compressors, turboexpanders, and motors with lubrication-free magnetic bearings, used in the extraction, refining, transport, and storage of oil and gas products. These applications benefit from the high reliability and performance of magnetic bearings.

Synchrony magnetic bearing solutions are up to the challenge of these critical applications, which demand stability and reliability under extreme conditions. Our magnetic bearings, direct drive systems, high frequency drives and high speed motors can help you meet virtually any challenge while reducing your maintenance needs and energy costs.

You'll see dramatic increases in uptime, even in remote field locations where machine maintenance is difficult. And, Synchrony oil-free magnetic bearings reduce the environmental impact caused by lubricants.

All our products are also backed by complete Synchrony technical support.

Important Facts:

  • Synchrony compressors are compatible with many refrigerants including R134a, R245fa and R1234.
  • Synchrony systems meet UL, CSA and CE standards.
  • Synchrony systems meet AHRI 551/591.
  • Synchrony systems include Synchrony‚Äôs magnetic bearing technology and state of the art control algorithms which provide for best in class stability and minimize transmitted vibration.
  • Synchrony Toolbox software allows easy communication with the machine over Modbus with access to over 500 data registers.

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