Why Use Magnetic Bearings

Five Key Needs AMBs Can Meet
Active magnetic bearings from Synchrony® are designed for high performance in the most demanding applications. Synchrony has taken the inherent advantages of magnetic bearings - reduced friction, higher-speed capabilities, no need for lubrication, no mechanical wear - and extended them in bold new directions. Thanks largely to Synchrony innovation, magnetic bearings are now at work in applications from HVAC chillers to gas turbine engines.

Are Magnetic Bearings Right For Your Application?

Magnetic bearings can be the solution for you if you need:

  • Reliable performance under extreme conditions. Synchrony magnetic bearings are up to the challenges of high rotational speeds at very high or very low temperatures.
  • Performance in a compact design. Magnetic bearings control systems and algorithms ensure stable, low-vibration operation, while compact electronic controls enable a smaller footprint.
  • Reduced cost of ownership. Magnetic bearings do not require pumps, sumps, gear boxes, or lubrication. In fact, the acquisition cost of the magnetic bearings is often less than the oil lubrication system that is eliminated. Magnetic bearings also cut maintenance costs while boosting uptime. And our integrated designs make it easier for engineers to retrofit magnetic bearings into existing machines.
  • Increased product life. Synchrony’s magnetic bearings improve the life of the whole machine. Our health monitoring systems offer remote monitoring capabilities – to identify a problem and to protect a machine before it causes damage.
  • Greener and safer operation. With no lubrication needed for magnetic bearings to function, your operations – and the environment – are not exposed to potential chemical contamination. They also eliminate fire hazards caused by flammable lubricants. By reducing friction, magnetic bearings also use less energy and produce less noise.


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