Synchrony Magnetic Bearings from Dresser-Rand

Through recent technical advances, active magnetic bearings offer inherent advantages over traditional bearings as well as create opportunity for a much broader range of applications. Synchrony magnetic bearings from Dresser-Rand offer more: integrated bearing control systems, miniaturization and standardization of systems, and proven performance in the most demanding applications.

For industrial equipment currently supported on ball bearings, magnetic bearings offer improvements in machine vibration and reliability. For pumps supported on fluid-film bearings and fed with pressurized oil, magnetic bearings allow the complete elimination of the oil lubrication system, including the oil reservoir, pumps, filters, heat exchangers, and piping. Often, the economics to replace a fluid-film bearing with magnetic bearings can be justified solely on the acquisition cost of the oil lubrication system. In addition, magnetic bearings offer higher efficiency, improved control of vibration, reductions in maintenance, improvements in reliability, and elimination of the cost and hazards of handling, storing, and disposing of oil.

For a pump that is driven by an electric motor, the motor rotor can also be supported on magnetic bearings. The entire machine train can now be completely free of oil, and the efficiency, reliability, and maintenance advantages extend also to the motor. Using its inherent monitoring features, the magnetic bearing system also may provide machine protection and health monitoring for the entire train.

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At the heart of our magnetic bearings are the advances in Synchrony controller technology over our 20-year history. The magnetic bearing controllers have been miniaturized so that they can be mounted on or near the machine to reduce the length of cables, reduce EMI, reduce the time to calibrate the bearings, and reduce the footprint of the magnetic bearing system. We have created magnetic bearings that are unconditionally stable for just about any operating condition of the host machine. This includes conditions of high dynamic loading caused by surge, stall, ingestion of liquid slugs, cavitation, motor electrical faults, and other transient conditions. Synchrony has developed and proven many different control algorithms to deliver the best possible solution across many applications. Synchrony application engineers work closely with our clients to analyze and create the most optimized solution for our customers’ machines.

Synchony’s NovaGlide® magnetic bearing systems have been used in a wide range of applications from benign to hazardous environments – from HVAC to oil and gas. Based on the customers’ application, the compact controller can be mounted on the machine or packaged within an external enclosure away from the hazardous environment. The award-winning Fusion® magnetic bearing makes a technological leap by integrating the bearing’s controller into the bearing housing.

NovaGlide® Magnetic Bearings

Synchrony's NovaGlide® magnetic bearings represents a clean, reliable and efficient bearing solution for critical processes. The incredibly compact controller can be mounted on or near the rotating machine. NovaGlide is the state of the art in magnetic bearing technology with an advanced control architecture that improves performance, reliability and stability. NovaGlide magnetic bearings are available in a wide range of standard sizes in Radial and Thrust configurations.

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Fusion® Magnetic Bearings

The Fusion® magnetic bearing is a breakthrough innovation in bearing technology. For the first time, an active magnetic bearing is available that fully integrates the control system within the actual bearing structure. Simplified integration enables customers to realize the full value of magnetic bearings in a broad range of applications, such as pumps, electric motors, blowers and fans. Fusion® bearings are available in a number of standard frame sizes, in both Radial and Thrust configurations.

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