Synchrony® magnetic bearings - a powerful force in the world of rotating equipment.

With excellent performance and stability under high-speed, high-temperature conditions, Synchrony magnetic bearings give you cost-effectiveness and reliability conventional bearings simply can't match.

Synchrony magnetic bearings from Dresser-Rand, proven performance in the most demanding apps.

How Magnetic Bearings Work

Magnetic levitation allows a no contact, friction-free operation, eliminating many machine components, and a clean, reliable and efficient machine. Learn how magnetic bearings can improve your application.

Why Choose Magnetic Bearings

Reduction — in mechanical parts, in overall maintenance needs, and the use of magnetic bearings have proven to reduce overall footprint for your high-speed rotating machinery.

Magnetic Bearing Products

Revolutionize the performance of your high-speed rotating machinery with clean, efficient and reliable magnetic bearings, high-speed motors and generators from Synchrony.